Martor 150001.12 SECUMAX 150 Safety knife 6,2 mm

Martor 150001.12 SECUMAX 150 Safety knife 6,2 mm

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2.2 2.20 incl. VAT (1.90 excl. VAT), per piece *

Availability: ready for shipping

Packaging unit: 1 piece

Manufacturer: Martor

Country of origin: DE/0004

Customs tariff number: 82119200

Weight per piece: 25 g

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SECUMAX 150 resolves several issues in one. With its concealed blade, you will never have to worry about injuring yourself or damaging your goods. Thanks to its versatility, you only need the one tool to cut, scrape and split. And with its 24 grams and ergonomic design, the SECUMAX 150 won't weigh you down with fatigue after a day of cutting. In short: it is the cutting tool you have been waiting for.


  • 3-in-1 blade head: The SECUMAX 150 fits like a glove. It's so comfortable to hold, that it feels like an extension of your hand. With it you can cut cardboard, split tape, open plastic strapping… you can even scrape residue off surfaces.
  • Concealed blade: This safety knife doesn't need a sharp tip to be a smart cutter. The cutting head is flat and relatively small, the two noses on either side are the perfect length to protect, and both cutting edges are wide enough to safely and effortlessly cut 2-ply cardboard.
  • Clever guide surfaces: Another reason why the SECUMAX 150 can cut through cardboard so easily? The guide surfaces located right at the front of the cutter help you to cut on an angle. Angled cutting means less material resistance!
  • No blade change: The SECUMAX 150 is a disposable cutter. The blade can neither get lost nor injure you during blade change. You won't change the blade! When the time has come, simply drop the cutter into a sharps container.
  • Ergonomically shaped: Right handed? Left handed? It’s really all the same. The SECUMAX 150 fits perfectly in any hand. Gently arching outer edges, coupled with light ribbing and a low weight, ensure an ergonomic experience.
  • Logo: Customize your Martor knife! Print your logo!

Product information

  • Measurements (L x W x H): 148 x 11 x 37.2 mm
  • Weight product: 24.4 g
  • Cutting depth: 6.2 mm
  • Basic material: Glass fibre reinforced plastic

Technical features

Maximum safety   Disposable knife   Abrasion resistant   Very ergonomic   2-cutting edge blade   Cutting depth (6 mm)  Scraper width (21 mm)   Tape splitter   For left and right handers   Lanyard hole 

Suitable for promotional purposes

Main cutting materials

Cardboard; up to 2-ply   Wrapping, stretch and shrink foil   Tape   Plastic straping band   Bagged goods   Layers of foil and paper   Yarn, cord   Felt   Self-adhesive label


Belt holster S with cup 9920


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Property GTIN/EAN MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)
- 4002632920813 150001.12


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